26 October 2011

18 October 2011

03 June 2011

I'm having my precious school holidays now.
Re-charging for the next semester and having some self improvement activities.
Attending a Korea language class, going to the gym and reading book ( p.s. only 1 book)

Finally able to attain the goal i set LONG ago, like learning korea language.
Next goal is my guitar lesson.

Granny gave me a guitar when I did well for N level exam, however it was left at a corner of the house.
End of year plan is getting my driving license.

18 April 2011

Let me introduce this pretty lady above, she’s Jessica from Girls’ Generation.

(In case you don’t know)

Somehow, we’re born on the same date, month and year what the others like to say “ 同年同月同日生”

However, 天渊之别啊~ 差真多… T.T


Happy Birthday to you me us.

20 February 2011

I do miss my long hair.
However, I like my current hair style too.

01 February 2011

Happy Lunar New Year you!